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Become a Unicornologist!

Play and learn with unicorn STEM, maths and literacy activities for children

Held over 5 x weekly hands-on and play-based sessions

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Max. 5 children per group for personalised interaction

Join a live session from anywhere in the world

In this live and interactive Unicornology course we use play-based learning. Come and imagine, create, engineer, experiment and discover all the secrets of unicorns, Pegasus’ and other mythical horses with STEM, maths and literacy activities.

In this small group class we will become Unicornologists, and use unicorn magic to explore geometry, chemistry, engineering and many other mathematics and science concepts. We will meet some beautiful, sparkly and shimmery unicorns – and a few salty, smelly ones too! We will also meet some other mythological horses including kelpies, Pegasus’, and tulpars. Together these unicorns and horses will inspire us to undertake our own unicorn STEM activities including hands-on art, science experiments and mathematical problems solving. Using story-telling and conversation we will also have opportunities to extend our curiosity, flexible thinking, vocabulary…and friendships!

Our workshop each week begins with a unicorn story. Each story is carefully chosen from high-quality children’s literature to introduce the key concepts and big ideas that we will be exploring in each session. During our interactive storytelling, children will have opportunities to contribute their own ideas and follow their own interests. Children will develop, practice and explore new vocabulary, mathematical concepts, and scientific thinking and problem-solving.

Inspired by our stories and discussions, we will then begin our unicorn STEM activities with hands-on play. Our explorations will include, for example, open-ended art, play, engineering and experiments. At the end of our five weeks together, children will have created some amazing unicorn projects to keep their imaginations (and their learning!) alive.

Following each class, children will receive a collection of unicorn prompts, explorations and other open-ended activities they can complete at home if they wish, to extend their imaginations (and their learning!) even further.

I deliver this Unicornology Course via the Outschool platform in order to provide families with added trust and safety, including:

Secure Payment | Teacher Background Check and Qualification Verified | Happiness Money-Back Guarantee*

What other parents say about this teacher:

Unicorn STEM activities. Background image of an Asian child sitting in a wheelchair, holding a magic wand as sparkles spill out onto a magical world with a unicorn, stars, rainbows and a crystal ball.


This teacher’s kind, calm and collaborative style makes room for the learners to be inspired by the lesson and use it as a springboard to let their own imagination and skills take over. It’s a magical class.

Adrienne G., Parent of 5 year old, USA

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Unicornology Course Details

This Unicornology Course has been designed to explicitly reflect the principles of play-based and open-ended learning. As a result, children can engage in the unicorn STEM activities, in ways that reflect their own interests and learning styles, and which foster their learning autonomy.

What to expect each week

Session Structure

Unicorn STEM Activities - Live Online Class - Make a Unicorn Ecosystem. Image of a single unicorn, standing in a green field filled with flowers. A blue sky is filled with sparkles.

This Unicornology Course is held once a week, for five (5) weeks. Each of these sessions lasts 40 minutes and has two parts:

➡ An interactive story time focused on developing vocabulary, background knowledge and concepts.

➡ Hands-on, open-ended mermaid activities that can be engaged with in a variety of ways.

Session content

This Unicornology course is structured to provide children with high levels of learning autonomy. In other words, this course does not use “pre-selected” topics or themes. Instead, each week we introduce a ‘big idea’. Our storytelling provides an opportunity for young children to both develop some vocabulary to engage with that idea, and to begin exploring what that idea means to them – and to others.

Following each session, additional mermaid activities are provided to continue learning and exploring at home, between each weekly session.

Week 1: Unicorn Worlds

➡ Big idea: Living in an ecosystem.

➡ Exploration: Make a unicorn ecosystem.

Week 2: Types of Unicorns

➡ Big idea: Diversity.

➡ Exploration: Unicorn volcanoes.

Week 3: Unicorn Horns

➡ Big idea: Fact or fiction?

➡ Exploration: Making unicorn horns.

Week 4: Unicorn Families

➡ Big idea: Belonging and families.

➡ Exploration: Magic unicorn flowers.

Week 5: Bringing Unicorns to Life

➡ Big idea: Belonging.

➡ Exploration: Unicorn puppets and marionettes.


This fee for the full five sessions is US-$105. This fee does not include materials, which will need to be purchased individually.

Intended learning outcomes

Learning Outcomes

The intended learning outcomes for this course are from the ACECQA-approved Early Years Learning Framework. These learning outcomes explicitly reflect the needs of young children (0 – 8 years old) with diverse learning styles and cognitive needs at various stages of their development.

This class provides opportunities for children to:

  • Explore, infer, predict, and hypothesise in order to develop an increased understanding of the environment and my relationship to it.
  • Combine fine-motor, cognitive skills and thinking strategies to achieve increasingly complex patterns of activity to create, communicate, solve-problems and adapt to new situations.
  • Manipulate objects and resources in order to investigate, take apart, assemble, invent, assemble, construct, and experiment with cause and effect.
  • Make predictions and generalisations about different environments, and communicate these using language, gestures, numbers, and symbols.
  • Use language, gestures or visual symbols to communicate and convey meaning about social and personal experiences; mathematical ideas and scientific concepts.
Materials supply list

Because this course is live, hands-on and online, parents will need to provide the required materials for each session.

The supplies required for each session will vary (not every item will be needed for every week). A list will be sent after each class, for the specific materials needed in the following week.

The following supplies will be needed for our mermaid activities over the five week program:

  • Sheets of *thick* paper (at least A4 size). Watercolour paper is ideal, but you can also use cardstock/ white cardboard.
  • 2 sheets of white cardstock/ craft cardboard A3 or A2 size
  • 4-5 clean glass jars
  • Epsom salts
  • Table salt
  • Some food colours – at least 2-3 different colours
  • Spoons
  • Warm tap water
  • 2-3 pebbles or a cup of sand
  • Paint brushes
  • 4 craft rolls, or kitchen wrap rolls
  • string/ yarn
  • masking tape
  • acrylic paints
  • white/ PVC/ Elmer’s/ School glue OR a cold-glue gun
  • paint brushes
  • ordinary printer paper
  • a printer (to print a template)
  • your choice/ selection of sparkly/ glittery/ shimmery or decorative paper (e.g. wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper)
  • textas/ markers
  • a black sharpie or permanent marker
  • bicarb soda
  • citric acid (available from supermarkets for $2-$3)
  • either: 3 lemons OR a bottle of lemon juice OR 1-2 cups of white vinegar
  • table salt
  • either: some pipettes, spray bottles, drippers – these are all available cheaply (around $2) from a craft or dollar store. You can substitute with teaspoons if you cannot source these.

I deliver this Unicornology Course via the Outschool platform in order to provide families with added trust and safety, including:

Secure Payment | Teacher Background Check and Qualification Verified | Happiness Money-Back Guarantee*

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