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Play and Learn With Dragons!

Dragonology Home Education Curriculum. A young child sits on a mossy ledge, happily feeding a purple dragon.

Activities, background notes, plans and guides in both PDF and video format

Use the curriculum ‘as is’, or adapt and integrate into your own home education or unschooling approach

Icon image of a smiley-face flower in pink. green and yellow, representing live online classes that are personalised to each child's learning needs.

Individual feedback for each enrolled child is included in the package

Discover the maths, science/ STEM, and literacy secrets of dragons! This flexible Dragonology homeschool curriculum includes videos, off-screen activities and learning/ parent guides, encompassing storytelling, problem-solving, play, and active, off-screen creative activities as well as optional, individual feedback from Alice to each child .

This Dragonology homeschool education curriculum package includes five weeks of materials. These materials will allow you to deliver or adapt Alice’s live ‘Dragonology’ workshop to your own home education or unschooling approach. Each week, for five weeks, you will receive access to an extensive set of materials. These include dragon activities, play prompts, stories, open-ended art invitations, engineering and experiments in video and PDF format. As well as follow-along videos, materials support off-screen, in-depth exploration of maths, science/ STEM and language/ literacy skills using a play-based, interest-led format. The Dragonology homeschool education and curriculum materials are also designed to foster critical thinking and problem-solving. Access to these materials also includes (at no extra cost) optional feedback and learning support from Alice. Alternatively, the materials also provide support/ guidance for parents so the curriculum can be modified and adapted for your own homeschool or unschooling approach.

This curriculum is available via the Outschool platform in order to provide families with added trust and safety, including:

Secure Payment | Teacher Background Check and Qualification Verified | Happiness Money-Back Guarantee*

What other parents say about the live version of this play-based Dragonology Course:


My 7 year old absolutely loved this class! Alice is an incredibly kind and talented teacher. 100% recommend 😊

Bridey, Parent of 7 year old, USA

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Dragonology Home Education Curriculum Details

This Dragonology homeschool education curriculum has been designed to explicitly reflect the principles of play-based and open-ended learning. As a result, children can engage in ways that reflect their own interests and learning styles, and which foster their learning autonomy. The materials support teacher-led, parent-led and child-led/ unschooling approaches.

Included in The Curriculum Package (What You Get)

Curriculum Package

Dragonology Course - Play-Based Learning. Week 2 activity - The chemistry of dragon eggs. Image of egg shells dyed with vibrant colours sitting together in a dragon nest.

Each week, for five weeks, you will receive a new, comprehensive set of the Dragonology homeschool Education curriculum materials. Once you have the full set of materials, you will continue to have access to them for a further 90 days.

Each weekly package includes:

➡ Teacher-led session (pre-recorded video + PDF) introducing the weekly theme and overview of activity choices.


Weekly Concept Learning Materials

➡ Interactive, high-quality story-time read aloud (pre-recorded video), introducing core concepts and vocabulary.

➡ A ‘read-aloud’ guide for parents (PDF format). This guide supports (optional) extension of vocabulary, literacy and concept (math, STEM, art) skills introduced in the weekly story.

➡ Vocabulary prompt/ guide. This contains key vocabulary for each week, and strategies for supporting vocabulary development through play-based and interest-led learning.

Weekly Open-Ended Activity/ Inquiry

➡ Comprehensive materials & supplies list (PDF).

➡ Activity instructions – teacher-led version. This consists of follow-along instructions (pre-recorded video).

➡ Activity instructions – family-led version. This consists of downloadable activity instructions format with pictures (PDF) so that the activity can be led by the parent in your own home education context.

➡ Parent guidance and tips (video + PDF format) to support learning during, and following, the play-based weekly activity.

➡ Reflection guide (video + PDF format) to support the child’s (optional) learning-through-reflection on the learning activity.

Individualised feedback (optional)

➡ Children can (optionally) share their creations, learning discoveries and/ or reflections in a secure learning platform, and receive individualised feedback from the teacher (via video).

Support and Extension Curriculum + Guideance Materials

➡ Six additional open-ended, play-based and child-led extension activities (PDF format) per week. These build on weekly themes and to prompt continued interest-led learning in the homeschool setting.

➡ Additional book recommendations to extend and link learning to other interests (PDF).

➡ Weekly parent notes. These provide additional prompts and guidance for parents/ home educators to support learning in this class.

Session content

This Dragonology course is structured to provide children with high levels of learning autonomy. In other words, this course does not use “pre-selected” topics or themes. Instead, each week we introduce a ‘big idea’. Our story-telling provides an opportunity for young children to both develop some vocabulary to engage with that idea, and to begin exploring what that idea means to them – and to others.

Following each session, addition extension activities are provided to continue learning and exploring between each weekly session.

Week 1: Not All Dragons Are The Same.

➡ Big idea: Diversity.

➡ Exploration: Multimedia art.

Week 2: The Chemistry and Colour of Dragon Eggs.

➡ Big idea: What makes something beautiful or special?

➡ Exploration: Making dragon eggs.

Week 3: Fire Breathing.

➡ Big idea: Caring for others through problem-solving.

➡ Exploration: Fire-breathing art.

Week 4: Flight of the Dragon.

➡ Big idea: Courage

➡ Exploration: Creating dragons that fly.

Week 5: Dragon Homes.

➡ Big idea: Facts or fantasy?

➡ Exploration: Dragon home sculptures and constructions.


The total fee for the full curriculum package is US-$51. This fee does not include materials, which will need to be purchased individually.

Intended learning outcomes

Learning Outcomes

The intended learning outcomes for this course are from the ACECQA-approved Early Years Learning Framework. These learning outcomes explicitly reflect the needs of young children (0 – 8 years old) with diverse learning styles and cognitive needs at various stages of their development.

This class provides opportunities for children to:

  • Use skills in exploring, inferring, predicting and hypothesising in order to develop their understanding of the environment, and their relationship to it.
  • Combine fine-motor skills, cognitive skills, and thinking strategies in order to achieve increasingly complex patterns of activity to create, communication, solve problems and adapt.
  • Manipulate objects and resources in order to investigate, take apart, assemble, invent, construct and experiment with cause-effect relationships.
  • Make predictions and generalisations about different concepts, also communicating these using language, gestures, numbers, marks, text and/ or symbols.
  • Use language, gestures or visual symbols in order to communicate and convey meaning about social and personal experiences, mathematical ideas, and scientific concepts .
Materials supply list

The supplies required for each session will vary (not every item will be needed for every week).

The following supplies will be needed for the full curriculum:

  • sheets of paper (A4 or larger size).
  • thick paper (e.g. watercolour paper or cardstock).
  • colourful paper scraps (e.g. candy wrappers, foil, brochures, wrapping paper, crepe paper, old cards, etc).
  • loose items from around your house (e.g. fabric scraps, bits of old wool or yarn, ribbon, buttons, sparkkles, sequins).
  • black sharpie, marker or texta.
  • colour markers or crayons.
  • white pvc/ pva/ school or Elmers glue.
  • child-safe scissors.
  • egg shells (a vegan option can be provided on request).
  • vegetable oil.
  • paper straws.
  • a kitchen sponge.
  • a roll of aluminium foil.
  • either some air dry clay OR a batch of salt dough (a recipe will be provided).
  • some acrylic paints.
  • paint brushes.
  • any items collected from your nature walks (e.g. sticks, leaves, moss, acorns/ pods, pinecones, pebbles, bark, feathers, etc).

This curriculum is available via the Outschool platform in order to provide families with added trust and safety, including:

Secure Payment | Teacher Background Check and Qualification Verified | Happiness Money-Back Guarantee*

Or, you may prefer the live, interactive, small-group version of this curriculum: