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These mentoring and coaching resources are designed for parents and educators, who are no longer comfortable with the traditional approaches to parenting and teaching.

Many traditional methods of parenting and teaching are based on the idea that children need to be ‘taught’ how to behave. These approaches use rewards, punishments, and consequences to shape children’s behaviour. However, research shows these approaches are not only ineffective, but can also be counterproductive in the long term.

The alternative to these ‘behaviourist’ approaches, is to focus on doing things that build children’s confidence, connection, creativity, and curiosity. Rather than ‘behaviour’, these approaches are concerned with building relationships, safety and belonging as the basis for all learning and development.

These resources are for parents and educators who wish to nurture children’s development in a way that leads to:

Confidence ~ Connection ~ Creativity ~ Curiosity

These resources extend across many different topics to support children’s learning. For example, they include resources to support parents and educators to:

  • Understand and respond to children’s behaviour using relationship-focussed and developmentally-supportive approaches.
  • Support attention and engagement in learning.
  • Use play to support learning and development.
  • More deeply understand child development to enhance learning.

At the heart of these resources is the belief that every child, educator, family, and community is different. As a result, there is no single direction, step, or technique that will work for every circumstance. One-size-fits-all solutions often sound hopeful, but are rarely effective for every situation.

Instead, these coaching and mentoring resources for parents and educators focus on understanding of the developmental and dynamic needs that shape children’s behaviour, learning and interactions. In turn, parents and educators can use these insights to build their own road map. Having this ‘map’ empowers us with more authentic and confident approaches to parenting and teaching…no matter what our individual context.

I have been designing and providing professional clinical education, field supervision, and parent education for over 20 years. The resources available her include live and pre-recorded webinars, video courses as well as one-on-one personal supervision and coaching.

Icon image of a child's hand, with green, pink and yellow fingers representing live online classes that are interactive and play-based.

Hands-on, interactive and
authentically play-based.

Icon image of a smiley-face flower in pink. green and yellow, representing live online classes that are personalised to each child's learning needs.

Individually planned and designed to affirm and support each unique child.

Icon image of a light bulb, coloured pink, green and yellow, representing live online classes that inspire children by focussing on their interests.

Adapted in each live session to match children’s own interests.

Icon image of pink, brown, yellow and green hands joined together, representing live online classes that are designed to allow for many diverse forms of participation.

Designed to ensure each child can meaningfully participate & learn.

Icon image of a yellow, green and pink globe, representing live online classes that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Held via a secure, closed Zoom platform accessible from any location.

Icon image of the neuroaffirming infinity symbol, representing live online classes that welcome and value the participation of autistic and other neurodivergent thinkers and learners.

Neuroaffirming and valuing.

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