Play-Based Learning Curriculum, Services & Support

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Homeschool play based early years curriculum

My name is Alice Campbell. I am a Masters-qualified, registered and independent teacher, specialising in play-based learning and therapeutic curriculum, with over 30 years experience.

My goal is to help families and educators from all over the world find meaningful and quality alternatives to high-pressure and standardised early years education.

I provide play-based and relationship-focussed curriculum and learning experiences for homeschooling, NDIS, Charter School, and other families; as well as mentoring for parents and educators.

I work with parents who understand that play, deep inquiry and joy are not the opposite to learning: they are the requirements for it. The resources I offer range from live groups for children, individualised learning programs, and resources for both teachers and parents.

These diverse resources all centre around learning that embraces children’s diverse thinking and communication styles; the right to play; neurodevelopmental needs; curiosity and desire for inquiry; and which foster each child’s sense of autonomy, connection and self-worth. I aim to provide your child with learning experiences that are humanising, by placing their dignity – their preferences, motivations, and aspirations – at the centre of their learning experiences. I want learning to connect with your child’s heart and, through that experience, inspire (or re-inspire!) your child’s sense of purpose, connection and wonder in our world.

Play-Based Learning Curriculum, Education Services & Support

– Transforming Learning…From Pressure to Play –

Coaching ~ Mentoring ~ Curriculum ~ Live Groups ~ Individual Plans ~ Webinars

For Families and Educators

Icon image of a child's hand, with green, pink and yellow fingers representing live online classes that are interactive and play-based.

Live Online Play-Based Group Learning

Join a play-based, and neuro-affirming group for social, literacy, STEM, and mathematics development and discovery…and friendships! All in a welcoming and inclusive secure Zoom setting.

Curriculum Packages

Choose from a wide range of play-based curriculum packages for home education. Go beyond standardised and one-size-fits-all education, to foster confidence, critical thinking and creativity.

Individual Support

One-on-one humanised, interest-led, personalised and trauma-informed learning experiences. Includes FEAS assessments, NDIS capacity building and activities, or other education support for complex circumstances.

Free Play-Based Ideas and Resources

Support play-based learning in your home education or classroom setting with these free resources. Includes ideas, activities, recipes and articles for play-based, neuroaffirming, wholistic, child-led learning.

Parent & Educator Coaching & Mentoring

Validate, develop and extend your skills in strengths-based, neuroaffirming and attachment-informed approaches to supporting child development and learning.

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