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Play-Based Learning Programs, Services, Curriculum & Supports

I provide play-based learning programs and curriculum resources for families, educators and organisations. These resources offer meaningful and humanising alternatives to mainstream, high-pressure and standardised approaches to children’s education, learning and capacity building. My view of education (and teaching) is not about transmitting the ‘correct’ information so children can ‘achieve’ or ‘gain competency’ for the sake of it. Instead, I view education as a resource and foundation for a life of meaning, purpose and satisfaction.

Play-Based Learning Resources For:
Homeschooling families
Neurodivergent children
2e and asynchronous children
Remote area and other isolated families
Expat families
Trauma and therapeutically-informed education centres
Early childhood educators and teachers
Schools, Early Childhood Services & other organisations

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Live, Play-Based Groups and Classes

Self-Paced, Homeschool Curriculum Units

Icon image of a smiley-face flower in pink. green and yellow, representing live online classes that are personalised to each child's learning needs.

Private/ One-on-One Sessions

Functional Emotional Assessments (FEAS)

Animated Children’s Books & Read-Alouds

Educator & Parent Coaching/ Mentoring

Customised Training & Programs

Free Articles, Printables & Resources

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