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Play and Learn With Dragons!

Live play-based workshop for children: Dragonoloy. Image of a young child feeding a pet dragon in a magical night time wonderland.

Held over 5 x weekly hands-on and play-based sessions

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Max. 5 children per group for personalised interaction

Join a live session from anywhere in the world

In this live, interactive Dragonology course Alice works personally with your child, using play-based learning to imagine, create, engineer, experiment and discover all the secrets of the dragons!

Every session firstly begins with a high-quality interactive dragon story to spark our imagination and language development. Following each story, we will use hands-on and creative activities, including open-ended art, experiments and play to explore our ideas. As a result, children have the opportunity to extend their science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) concepts, as well as their language and vocabulary; social science; art; critical thinking and friendship skills.

I deliver this Dragonology Course via the Outschool platform in order to provide families with added trust and safety, including:

Secure Payment | Teacher Background Check and Qualification Verified | Happiness Money-Back Guarantee*

What other parents say about this play-based Dragonology Course:


My 7 year old absolutely loved this class! Alice is an incredibly kind and talented teacher. 100% recommend 😊

Bridey, Parent of 7 year old, USA

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Dragonology Course Details

This Dragonology Course has been designed to explicitly reflect the principles of play-based and open-ended learning. As a result, children can engage in ways that reflect their own interests and learning styles, and which foster their learning autonomy.

What to expect each week

Session Structure

Dragonology Course - Play-Based Learning. Week 2 activity - The chemistry of dragon eggs. Image of egg shells dyed with vibrant colours sitting together in a dragon nest.

This Dragonology Course is held once a week, for five (5) weeks. Each of these sessions lasts 40 minutes and has two parts:

➡ An interactive story time focused on developing vocabulary, background knowledge and concepts.

➡A hands-on, open-ended activity that can be engaged with in a variety of ways.

Session content

This Dragonology course is structured to provide children with high levels of learning autonomy. In other words, this course does not use “pre-selected” topics or themes. Instead, each week we introduce a ‘big idea’. Our story-telling provides an opportunity for young children to both develop some vocabulary to engage with that idea, and to begin exploring what that idea means to them – and to others.

Following each session, addition extension activities are provided to continue learning and exploring between each weekly session.

Week 1: Not All Dragons Are The Same.

➡ Big idea: Diversity.

➡ Exploration: Multimedia art.

Week 2: The Chemistry and Colour of Dragon Eggs.

➡ Big idea: What makes something beautiful or special?

➡ Exploration: Making dragon eggs.

Week 3: Fire Breathing.

➡ Big idea: Caring for others through problem-solving.

➡ Exploration: Fire-breathing art.

Week 4: Flight of the Dragon.

➡ Big idea: Courage

➡ Exploration: Creating dragons that fly.

Week 5: Dragon Homes.

➡ Big idea: Facts or fantasy?

➡ Exploration: Dragon home sculptures and constructions.


This fee for the full five sessions is US-$105. This fee does not include materials, which will need to be purchased individually.

Intended learning outcomes

Learning Outcomes

The intended learning outcomes for this course are from the ACECQA-approved Early Years Learning Framework. These learning outcomes explicitly reflect the needs of young children (0 – 8 years old) with diverse learning styles and cognitive needs at various stages of their development.

This class provides opportunities for children to:

  • Use skills in exploring, inferring, predicting and hypothesising in order to develop their understanding of the environment, and their relationship to it.
  • Combine fine-motor skills, cognitive skills, and thinking strategies in order to achieve increasingly complex patterns of activity to create, communication, solve problems and adapt.
  • Manipulate objects and resources in order to investigate, take apart, assemble, invent, construct and experiment with cause-effect relationships.
  • Make predictions and generalisations about different concepts, also communicating these using language, gestures, numbers, marks, text and/ or symbols.
  • Use language, gestures or visual symbols in order to communicate and convey meaning about social and personal experiences, mathematical ideas, and scientific concepts .
Materials supply list

Because this course is live, hands-on and online, parents will need to provide the required materials for each session.

The supplies required for each session will vary (not every item will be needed for every week). A list will be sent after each class, for the specific materials needed in the following week.

The following supplies will be needed over the five week program:

  • sheets of paper (A4 or larger size).
  • thick paper (e.g. watercolour paper or cardstock).
  • colourful paper scraps (e.g. candy wrappers, foil, brochures, wrapping paper, crepe paper, old cards, etc).
  • loose items from around your house (e.g. fabric scraps, bits of old wool or yarn, ribbon, buttons, sparkles, sequins).
  • black sharpie, marker or texta.
  • colour markers or crayons.
  • white pvc/ pva/ school or Elmers glue.
  • child-safe scissors.
  • egg shells (a vegan option can be provided on request).
  • vegetable oil.
  • paper straws.
  • a kitchen sponge.
  • a roll of aluminium foil.
  • either some air dry clay OR a batch of salt dough (a recipe will be provided).
  • some acrylic paints.
  • paint brushes.
  • any items collected from your nature walks (e.g. sticks, leaves, moss, acorns/ pods, pinecones, pebbles, bark, feathers, etc).

I deliver this Dragonology Course via the Outschool platform in order to provide families with added trust and safety, including:

Secure Payment | Teacher Background Check and Qualification Verified | Happiness Money-Back Guarantee*

Or…you might prefer the self-paced/ home education version of this curriculum: