Homeschool and Unschooling Curriculum For Families

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Play-based and interest-led curriculum resources for homeschooling and unschooling families

These curriculum packages help homeschooling families to use play-based and child-led learning approaches in their home education. These play-based homeschool curriculum packages are designed to promote meaningful and rigorous learning experiences in a way that prioritises children’s motivation, interests and learning preferences.

They are adaptable to both intentional home education approaches, as well as for families using an unschooling approcach.

Icon image of a child's hand, with green, pink and yellow fingers representing live online classes that are interactive and play-based.

Hands-on, interactive and
authentically play-based.

Icon image of pink, brown, yellow and green hands joined together, representing live online classes that are designed to allow for many diverse forms of participation.

Designed to ensure each child can meaningfully participate in their own learning.

Icon image of the neuroaffirming infinity symbol, representing live online classes that welcome and value the participation of autistic and other neurodivergent thinkers and learners.

Neuroaffirming and valuing.

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You can search by topic (e.g. ‘science’); or area of interest (e.g. ‘Minecraft’); or capacity/ skill area (e.g. ‘fine motor skills’)

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My full catalogue of play-based homeschool curriculum and unschooling resources are currently being added to this page. While these are being added, you can access all learning experiences and materials via

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I currently make these curriculum packages available through the Outschool platform.