Live Online Classes

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Play-based, interest-led and small-group learning experiences

I offer dozens of live online classes and interactive, hands-on learning experiences for small groups of children between three and eight years old. These learning experiences are:

Icon image of a child's hand, with green, pink and yellow fingers representing live online classes that are interactive and play-based.

Hands-on, interactive and
authentically play-based.

Icon image of a smiley-face flower in pink. green and yellow, representing live online classes that are personalised to each child's learning needs.

Limited to small group sizes to ensure personal attention for every child.

Icon image of a light bulb, coloured pink, green and yellow, representing live online classes that inspire children by focussing on their interests.

Adapted in each live session to match children’s own interests.

Icon image of pink, brown, yellow and green hands joined together, representing live online classes that are designed to allow for many diverse forms of participation.

Designed to ensure each child can meaningfully participate & learn.

Icon image of a yellow, green and pink globe, representing live online classes that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Held via a secure, closed Zoom platform accessible from any location.

Icon image of the neuroaffirming infinity symbol, representing live online classes that welcome and value the participation of autistic and other neurodivergent thinkers and learners.
Neuroaffirming and valuing.

Neuroaffirming and valuing.

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You can search by topic (e.g. ‘science’); or area of interest (e.g. ‘Minecraft’); or capacity/ skill area (e.g. ‘fine motor skills’)

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My full catalogue of live classes is currently being added to this page. It’s big…so it will take a few weeks! In the interim, you can access all 40+ of my online learning experiences via

Live Group Classes & Play-Based Learning Experiences