Session Transfers and Make-Up Sessions

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This policy outlines the terms and conditions of transfers and ‘make-up- sessions. This policy applies to live sessions or appointments provided by In The Real Wonderland.

Clients may book and access some services using, a third-party education platform. This policy does not apply to services booked, paid for and accessed through In the case of these services,’s cancellation, transfers and refund policies apply.

1. Policy Communication

1.1 Clients are provided with a plain-English summary of this policy on booking their first appointment. This information will include how to request a transfer, and a link to the full text of the policy.

1.2 Active clients will be notified (by email) at least fourteen (14) days prior to any policy changes taking effect.

2. Services

Types of services

2.1 Services covered by this policy include any live appointment booking with In The Real Wonderland, whether online or in person. This may include:

  • live group and individual classes and educational experiences (whether online or in-person),
  • one-on-one and individual assessment, planning and learning support for children, and
  • individual mentoring and coaching sessions for educators and parents relation to children’s education.

3. Requesting change of date(s) or a make-up session: Package bookings

3.1 A booking for a package of appointments, consists of a booking made by one person or family for multiple appointments at the same day and time each week, for the duration of the package. For example, a package booking for five (5) appointments, will have each appointment on the same day and time each week, for five (5) weeks.

Adjusting the number of bookings in a package

3.2 The number of sessions in a package, and the duration of of a package, are set. They can only be reduced or increased in the same number of increments. For example, a package duration of five (5) sessions can only be increased or reduced in five (5) session increments. A package cannot be reduced to, or increased by, a different number sessions.

3.3 If a different number of sessions is required, these sessions can be booked ahead of time at the single-session rate.

  • Example 1: if only three (3) sessions are required (and the package is five sessions), the three (3) sessions may each be booked at the single-session rate.
  • Example 2: if eight sessions are required, this may be booked as 1 x package of five (5) sessions at the package rate, plus an additional three (3) sessions at the single-session rate.

3.4 Once negotiated, the dates and times for each appointment in the package will be provided, in writing, prior to payment. Once payment is received for a package, this confirms the agreed dates and times provided in writing.

Requesting a change of date(s), prior to booking

3.5 In some instances, the day and time of a one appointment in a package may not be convenient for a family or client. For example, a family may book a package of appointments for 4pm on Fridays for five (5) weeks. However, due to a planned holiday, they may not be able to attend the Friday session in week five (5). In this situation, three options are available:

  • Option 1: The required number of sessions (fewer than in the package) can be booked individually, at the higher single-session rate (see 3.3 above).
  • Option 2: A request can be made to vary the regular time of the session that cannot be attended. This will be offered at an alternative day/ time as a make-up session, included within the package rate, if:
    • The request is made, in writing via email, prior to the booking being confirmed (i.e. prior to payment being made); AND IF
    • A mutually agreeable time to hold the session is available, and can be agreed upon prior to the booking being confirmed. A suitable time cannot be guaranteed in all circumstances, and will depend on availability, at discretion of In The Real Wonderland.
  • Option 3: If neither option 1 nor option 2 are suitable, the class can be treated as a “missed class”, under the Cancellations and Refunds policy. This will allow for the missed class to be refunded under certain circumstances, including if the appointment can be filled by someone on the waitlist.

3.6 If none of these options apply, the class will be treated as a missed class (under the Cancellations and Refunds policy) and the fee will be forfeit.

Requesting a change of date(s), after booking has been confirmed

3.7 After a package booking has been confirmed, the dates of a single or multiple sessions within the package can only be changed if:

  • The request to vary the session date(s)/ time(s) is made in writing, at least three days prior to the scheduled session; AND IF
  • A mutually agreeable day/ time to hold the make-up session is available within the package duration

3.8 If a suitable date for a make-up session is not available, or less than three days notice is given, the appointment will be treated as a missed class under the Cancellations and Refunds policy, and the fee for the appointment will be forfeit.

4. Requesting change of date(s) or a make-up session: Single-session bookings

4.1 The date/ time for a single session appointment can be rescheduled with a minimum of three days notice prior to the appointment. The request to reschedule the appointment must be made in writing, and will be subject to availability.

Last substantial update: 17 March 2023

Policy Alignment and References

This policy is is consistent with, and benchmarked against:

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